Women Rule the Social Media World!

I got up with a thought in my head which slowly developed into a question. How do women and men interact on the net and use social media? What are the statistics on this? Are there studies that have shown the varying ways in which both these genders see and use social media?

My research threw some amazing facts. So men are more active and vocal users of social media and use it to connect with friends and family to exchange stories and more intimate emotional conversations. Whereas men use it more effectively to gain knowledge and information about the world and various subjects, they also use it to promote their business and skills. This is very different from the way women use the platform. Women are more dominant and active users of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. On these platforms, women power dominates whereas men are predominately active on YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and some other music sharing platforms and apps. Women also access social media differently than men. 61% of women use the mobile phone for their social media activities compared to only 39% men.

Women leave men behind on Facebook – 76% for women and 66% for men. 33% of female internet population use Pinterest compared to 8% of all men. Women also show more engagement and activity on Facebook. There are, on average, more posts and pictures on the Facebook wall of women as compared to men and they have 8% more friends on the network. Where men dominate is on LinkedIn, a platform for men to showcase their power, skills and knowledge. On Instagram, you have the same story. It’s girl power – 20% women and 15% men. Forever 21 and MAC are the brands with most girls on Instagram. NFL along with Red Bull are the brands with the most macho men on the platform.

A research also showed that women use the internet and social media to nourish and expand their existing relationships but men use it to form new relationships and alliances. Women get most likes on posts about birthdays, fun and family. Men get more comments on their views on sports and intellectual remarks.

Women post more selfies on social media than men and also post a lot more pictures and visual content. That’s the reason they are so active on Instagram. Young male users post photos of them doing provocative or risky things like indulging in sex, alcohol and tattooing. Young girls like to pose their pictures with more sex appeal and in revealing and provocative clothes.

Women also use a lot more emoji icons and portrait photos when they post on social media.

Yes, I guess I have set the debate to rest. Its women all the way on social media platforms.

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