Why We Give Donations

I have been spending a lot of time with my grandmother these days and one of my major tasks is to help her donate her wealth to charitable trusts and organisations. I have helped her a lot in this endeavour. The older she gets, the less her interest in material things and the more she wants to give. It is surprising that as people, we work our ass off to make money and as we get old, we realise how useless the wealth we have collected is. We also realise that how important other things like health, peace of mind, contentment and joy are. We give away our wealth to get peace. This holds true for Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and other big philanthropists of this world. We are just buying peace and joy by giving away our wealth. We first lose sleep and peace of mind to accumulate wealth and then give it away to get our peace and joy back. It all seems so silly to me. I myself have fallen into this trap many times and till now, I have not realised what is the true benefit of this exercise.

We should, in return, just concentrate on joy and peace all through our lives and things will take care of itself. So next time you fall into traps of religious organisations, think again. Is it truly worth it to give money to them? Is the money that you have donated used for the real good cause or is it just being flirted away and being embezzled by scoundrels? We should donate so that it gives joy to others first and not think about our selfish reasons like we will get moksha or go to heaven. But then, every action man takes, he takes due to his selfish reasons.

So, donate for the right cause and the right reasons. Otherwise to me, donation is a waste of time.

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