Why The Only Advice You Should Hear Is Your Own

I am in Dehradun today in the loving company of my grandmother. The rains have been pouring into this valley for days. I was delighted and went out in the rain to meet an aunt of mine. She is an old Hindi teacher who had taught me Hindi when I was in school. “You should get married you know. You are forty now. You will need someone when you get old. How long can you go on living like this.” she said as she handed me a plate of puri. “Well, I can go on living like this as long as you can go on living the way you are. There are no right or wrong ways of living.”

“But you have to get married someday. Who will look after you when you are old?” she said with concern in her eyes. “Well, people will come on the way. There are a few people looking after me today. New people will look after me when I am old. Life does not stop. It is a constant movement.” My aunt took a deep breath and then poured out her heart to me including the problems with her bahu, her displeasure with how young women treat their in-laws these days and so on. I realised that she had turned against her own preaching now and instead of showing me the positive points of family life, she was now telling me their negatives.

The only advice that is right is the advice that works for you. All of us are blessed with a certain nature and that nature leads us to the life we lead. Mine has led me to the life that I enjoy today. So is it fair to say that my life is not complete somehow? Not really. My life is complete as complete as it should be for a person of my personality and traits. It is perfect for me in every way. As a mystic once said, “At any given point in life, your life is giving you the best results.” If you realise this, you will be happy and content. The results you are being given are the best for you. Life is not moving from imperfection to perfection, it is moving from perfection to perfection. You are complete within yourself, you don’t need anyone to complete you. When you realise this, the yogi in you will rise and you will move towards your blissful state.

So only hear your voice, the voice of your heart and heed no one’s advice. Go all the way, all the way! Don’t stop, just keep going all the way and you will find what you seek. So next time someone gives you an advice, smile, shake your head and then do what the fuck you were going to do anyways.

  1. Praveena says:

    One of my friend who told me about your travel blogs. I started reading because of i love to travel but after reading your this artical its wonderful: i have no words about this, in positive manner… (direct dil se).

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts in a simple words.

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