Who is a Seeker ?

A seekeris some one who knows that he does not know ? He is aware of his own ignorance and the limitations of his experience . That is a very different state then that of a religious man , religious man believes , he has a belief system , which stems from certain rules of right and wrong . A believer will always stick to his belief and that will put him in conflict with people who have the opposing belief . That is an issue and a case for concern . A seeker knows that he has to constantly seek that which he knows he does not know . As he moves along his journey of life , the unwon begins to be known but that still lives the seeker seeking for more .

India has been a country of seekers and yes the Hand Dharma and the Sanatana Dharma are not religions they are just a way of life of the seeker . That is why we don’t have just one religious book or one prophet we have many many of them . From the Vedas to the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Gita, Upanishads the list is endless . Even our god’s are many . We have God’s for everything in nature from Birds , to wild animals , to plants and trees , hell we even worship stones and rocks , rivers and lakes . That is a path of the seekers he seeks God in existence itself . For a seeker God is not someone in the heavens above counting our sins , he is omnipresent in everything that we see , touch and feel , in our very being .

So a seeker learns about the divine through his direct experience , thus is enquiry is through direct knowing , he has no dogma , no commandment, no set rules and guidelines through which he has to live and experience life . He has to try and see life as it really is , a bunch of contradictions , a esoteric soup , ever evolving and unraveling its mystery . So one has to be more aware as a seeker , more in tune with the inner and the outer .it is about living a more receptive life , constantly in wonder , no judgement, just seeing things the way they are , no prisms fo rules and guidelines .That is the life of the Seeker and India has been a land of seekers , form Rama to Buddha they have all been seekers . They know that they do not know and that is what makes them wisest of the lot .

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