What We Want We Do Not Get, What We Get We Do Not Seek

Life is strange with all its contradictions, uncertainties, surprises and a roller coaster trip of never-ending desires that keep renewing itself as we keep chasing like a donkey chases a carrot stick in front of it.

Time to time, you get the feeling that life has changed you, either you are following the wrong things or just that your timing was not right. You chased lofted dreams that went bust, you ran after stuff that was never yours in the first place. You thirsted after illusions and returned empty handed. Yes, why is it that I never get what I wanted? Ask again, are your wants in tune with your life journey, your attributes, your talents, your strengths? If not, you are wishing for fairies and they will not come. Link your desire to your basic core, your basic nature and then fine tune them according to your skill sets, talents, ability and tenacity of getting the job done. Then and only then, can you tune yourself with the force field of your desire as they say in the very seed of your desires, lies the roadmap of its fulfilment. The timing may differ, some get instant gratification and for some, the process is slow and painful.

No one likes unpleasant things happen to them, a death, a material loss, broken relationship, disease and so on, but these come to us uninvited. We do not seek this unwanted pain yet are saddled with it. In rural villages, if someone is inflicted by misfortune, people say he is cursed or he is paying for his sins. When my father so tragically died, people said it was the curse of the wealth of the Tikku family. All sorts of hypothesis were being drawn as to why we had to suffer so much. So in life, we get things that we do not seek, but yet we move on and trudge along.

We move from being fulfilled to a state of non-fulfilment instantly. Not being able to understand that we are on a merry go round tossing up and down on the internal seas of our emotions. All we need to do is just breathe and let things lie low, let calmness and serenity return to us. Let’s not be just a cog in this giant merry go round wheel, let’s be the wheel itself. At times, our ego tells us that it’s all in our hand, through will, effort, work and application, we can achieve our desires and when we do not get the results we had hoped for, we are lead into a flood of despair. Remember there are so many uncontrolled variables in life that the final result is not exclusively in our hand. So live in a state of let go, as long as your direction and intent are aligned with your vision and values, success will come, it may come in a different form or manifest in an unusual way but it will come and you will have to be patient, also ready to receive it. This has also been prominently explained in the Karma theory, which says “Karma kar par phal ki ieccha mat kar.” This is also known as the A-KARTA or the non-doer. Once you lose any lust for the results of your action, you are no more tied to its results either good or bad they have no impact on. You, as you understand, you are the non-doer. So let the universe be the KARTA or the doer and let it act through you. Just become like a hollow tube, an empty vessel through which your desires can flow through.

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