What is Gated Content?

For years, people have debated on the value of content and how best to monetise blog or website content. I mean if content, fictional or non-fictional, factual or informative, cannot be monetised, what good is it?

In my blog, the only thing I am selling is content. It’s just in different forms like blog posts, videos, photographs and translations. Now I should be able to charge for all these. The content which is not free and requires an action from the reader’s side so that he can get access to it is called gated content. So you may want the reader to give his name and email id before he can see a particular story or get access to your free ebook. You might want him to fill a survey before he gets access to his humorous erotic stories hidden in your blog. You may want him to enter a contest before he can get a free guidebook. All this is gated content which means you have to open the gate by keying in the information the blog asks for. This is valuable data and sight to consumer behaviour. Now if you are satisfied with the number of people readily accessing you gated content, you can finally make it payable. You can sell a whole ebook or just give out the first three chapters for a low price. It depends on you, how you want to charge, maybe per word or per line, use your own arithmetic for that. It is paid content that will get money for you and start making things work but before that starts, get your content gated.

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