What is Destiny?

We, as Indians, are a fatalistic society, we believe heavily on karma and destiny. We put our faith in all these things when things are bad and even when they are good. It is a kind of God’s will, a way to say that “Rab ki itcccha hei”. Destiny rides on a chariot of two horses namely Karma which is action and desire which is the want or need of something. The result of this is called the karma pahal or the fruits of our desire and actions.

As our desire, so are our action as our actions chase our desires. We pull at one and the reigns of the chariot. It moves to the left as we tug and it moves to the right at another tug. Destiny stems out of the two. It is a path that we have walked on using our free will but not without the interference of a higher power. When things go out of hand, we blame it on destiny. When they go according to plan, we take credit for it ourselves. The fact is that both victory and defeat are not in our hands. As Krishna tells Arjun in the Geeta “You have control on your sight, you have control on your bow and arrow but you do not have control on the deer that you are about to hunt down. If the deer moves even a bit, you will miss your target.” Our goals on which we aim the arrows of our desires are not in our hands. Therefore, many times, we miss the mark and then repent when our objectives are not met.

This leads to a feeling of failure which leads to depression and a feeling of being a loser. Again, to pacify ourselves, we bring destiny into the equation and put our blame on it. So here, destiny becomes a scapegoat. Destiny becomes something that we can fall on as a punching bag. Krishna says “Only the path of desireless action can lead us to fulfilment. Action where we seek no result can lead us to happiness. When we are content with both victory and defeat, it becomes a path of enlightenment.”

Destiny or the path can unfold in front of us as we purify our soul, sharpen our minds and use the power of intent. This is also called syncrodestiny which is achieved by attracting coincidences into our lives. These coincidences are subtle messages from the universe that invite us on to our path. These are like doorways or portals that guide us on the way. These can be in the shape of people, guides, gurus or just events that shape our destiny.

Thought and intent are foremost. They are interconnected. I think each individual should take the responsibility of their own actions and not just blame it on fate or destiny. We should be the masters of our own destiny and create our own path through focused concentration and desireless action.

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