What Does It Really Mean To Be Free?

Freedom is a word often used and abused in books, dictionaries, poems and novels. It is an encompassing word that is so powerful in its idea that it has been often misused, twisted and misunderstood. I have my own take on freedom and what it means to me and should mean to others.

Freedom is a sense of deep joy. It is a feeling of abandonment like the lifting of heavy chains. But freedom from what? Dropping the chains of what and what to unburden from? Well, relationships for one. Detachment is to be practised here meaning you value your relations and loved ones. You respect and honour them but you don’t compromise your life and beliefs because of them. You are with them yet independent of them. You value your loneliness and space and dive into it from time to time. “You are in the world but not of it”

Free yourself from false identities and flawed egos to a more relaxed and meditative state free from internal turbulence and regurgitated internal dialogues. Freedom is to be in the ‘here and now’. You must be completely free from the dimension of time with no past and no future, just the eternal ‘here and now’. You must be free from the cage and limitations of the body to be able to grasp at the very soul and then hold on to it. You must also be economically and socially free as in self-reliant and economically well to do. Social freedom is to break the chains of superstition and oppression of certain beliefs to rely souls on your intellect and good judgement independent of any other advice.

Freedom is also love and giving. Love binds us in an intangible glue that is seen yet unseen. Give abundance of love and you will receive the same in return. Freedom of debate and universal ideas, freedom to discuss and thrash out with a democratic order. Now that’s real freedom. You must have freedom from prejudice due to colour, ethnic background, age, gender or sexuality. To be able to embrace all and not judge any, that is true freedom.

Freedom from religious oppression and the freedom to practice your own faith and cultural roots. Freedom to be you in all its totality and vibrance. Freedom, utter freedom!

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