Use Storytelling to Increase Effectiveness of Your Post

Storytelling is the best way to increase viewership and the time spent on your blog by your readers. Storytelling does two things – One, it sugar-coats all the details and information that you want to give your readers in a simple and enjoyable form. Akin to pushing just figures, facts and data into the minds of your readers, one is able to make a deeper connect and increase engagement by incorporating this data in an entertaining way. You don’t have to be a great writer like Kipling or Rushdie to tell stories, you just need the following.



You need to be able to visualise the scene, paint a picture and very fluidly, transport your readers into a cosier world where you get their attention and are able to hold it as well. Talk about the scenery, the road, the place, the people, the lightings, whatever information you can give so that the reader gets the feel of where you are and can actually visualise the place that you are talking about.


Build Characters

You need to build character. If you have people in the stories, they need to have a name, face, background, mannerisms, traits etc. The more descriptive you are, the better people will be able to relate to your characters. You can also give your characters a backstory. This will tell your readers why your character does what he/she does and the character will gradually come alive.




You need to add dialogues. The characters will talk to each other in particular accent or dialect depending on how you have etched your character. Keep the dialogues real, raw and emotive. Be precise and specific and also be constant with them.



As you build your story, you will see your characters develop further and they will have an interplay with each other. They will crisscross each other’s paths and will get interesting as you keep writing. But keep it as real as you can and be brutally honest with your characters. You will realise that storytelling also increases the length of your posts. All my storytelling blog posts are more than 2000 words. This has automatically increased the time spent by my readers on each post. You can slip in figures, facts and raw data into the story as the characters talk to each other. This way, the reader also gets the relevant information in a nice and easy way.



Build emotions into your story. Your words should be loaded and descriptive. They should convey emotions that your characters are feeling. Use powerful adjectives and verbs in your posts. It’s almost like writing a play or a movie script. The more detailed it is, the better it will sound to the audience.



Know Your Audience

Write stories your audience knows or have already gone through. For instance, I started writing stories of my college and school days where I built my friends as characters within the stories. I got a great reaction from this as all my friends wanted to know what the others had done and could relate to it as they had already lived it.

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