Use Festivals and Public Holidays to Beautify your Blog

Festivals and public holidays are the best days to build more colour and a feeling of greeting and intimacy into your blog. A list of top 17 festivals and public holidays of India is mentioned below. (Keep in mind that all dates listed below are 2018 dates. Some festivals and holidays have different dates each year in the Gregorian calendar.)

On these days you can use new creatives, sliders, tabs, messages, colours and skins to welcome your readers and give them a warm feeling about your content and blog. A feeling that they are special and you wish them luck on these auspicious days. You can also build new offers, games, and quizzes or give out prizes to your customers on these special occasions. This takes you one step closer to the complete personalisation of your blog and is effective. You can also use this personalisation in your newsletter.

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