Transformation through Blogging

Blogging can be a life-changing experience if done with passion and with consistency. It is a transformation that is both of the intellect and the soul. I have deeply felt that as I have gone along my blogging journey with my travel blog Tikku’s Travelthon.

Better Writer

You become a better writer and get into the practice of jotting down and funnelling your thoughts. Through practice, you add your experience into writing. It is also therapeutic. In that, you are able to analyse events and situations in life better. It improves your intuition and way of perching things. You get deep insights about your decisions and why you are who you are through your own writing. It is like the mirror of your mind and soul.

Think First

You will become a better thinker and ideas will begin to flow out of you. You would forgo a new path on the basis of your ideas and will be also able to test them out. You will concentrate on these thoughts so that you move faster towards your blogging goals. Your thoughts will be sharp and energised.

Awareness Blogging

Adds awareness into your mind and consciousness. You become aware of your reactions in situations and how you interact and transact in your various relationships. You will be able to gauge people better and understand deeply about your relationships with the world at large.

Connecting with People

You become more connected to people as you search for people with like-minded hobbies and try to inspire them on their path. Your interpersonal and social skills improve with time. You are able to form bonds with people and forge everlasting relationships.

You will get used to the Limelight

Blogging opens your world to everybody. People are reading your inner thoughts and taking a peek into your life. Get used to peoples’ remarks and brickbats as well as accolades. They are both part and parcel of the blogging game. If you are an introvert, you will move to be an extrovert. You will sharpen your personality and it will do wonders for your self-confidence.


You will be able to inspire people with your journey. You will get cheered and loved. This, in itself, is a great reward and a huge kick. To get noticed for your knowledge and ideas and to be valued for your vision and determination, these are very positive energies and will take you far into your blogging journey.


Whether you make 10 or 10,000 dollars, it’s the journey and the expertise that counts. I haven’t made any money since I started blogging but it sure has transformed me and my vision of things. That is my reward at the end of the day. I am at peace with myself and others around me. That’s a profound impact in itself.


You will become well-rounded and will increase your knowledge on so many different subjects. From marketing to SEO, you will know them all as you search the net for content and start getting into a healthy reading habit. People will look up to you and start to learn from your wisdom and knowledge.


You will become a blogging evangelist as you prologue the advantages of blogging to others in conferences and seminars. You can even start your own blogging mantra and that will inspire others to follow your path.

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