Time to Make Your Grace Sheet

I just got up in the evening today after an all-night flight from Delhi to Mumbai. Needless to say, I crashed out at my Airbnb in Lokhandwala. I needed the sleep but as soon as I was awake, I felt a bit low, despondent, maybe even sad thoughts like there is so much more I should have done. All these deals that I am trying for my blog are not working out. I am not making money with my business yet. Man, it went on. By the time I reached the shower, I was overwhelmed with fear that I am failing or lagging behind, that I am guilty of non-action, that all my plans that I want to materialise are not happening. By the time I sat on the pot, I was feeling heavy and drained out. It seemed that the world was not as I wanted it to be, that my actions were not getting the desired results. We all have the kind of days and moments at times that we feel helpless and despondent, a feeling that fate did not deal us the right cards. Its times like these I turn to my Grace Sheet.

What is that? Well, it is just a piece of paper or word document where you write down the list of all the things you want to happen in your life. Stuff that you have planned and worked hard for but success has failed you. You can go on in sentences and scribble all of it down. Then turn and make another sheet called the Grace Sheet. Here, you write all the good things, pleasant events, and blissful moments of pure fun and joy that have manifested in your life during the same time. Unexpected wins, a blind date, winning a trophy, falling in love, an uncle presents you with a new computer. All the things that made you feel like a winner and made you smile. It can even be a great uplifting meditation session or a soothing massage by your lover. The things that relaxed you and comforted you. Now write all these events and moments on the Grace Sheet as various points.

Just stand back and read both the sheets aloud. You will be amazed to see the grace of nature that has fallen from the heavens just for you. The grace of existence is all around us and is available to us at all times. We just have to see it and hear its song. From the morning sunrise to the chirping birds, the restless trees and the bushy shrubs. As you put your attention on nature and its grace, you will find it in abundance. You will see how good luck has come to you in strange ways and how you receive the blessing of the divine in his own way. Be open and aware of this good fortune, cherish it and get its blessing. Existence will go according to its plan, not yours, but rest assured, existence is always working for you, not against you. It is always in your favour. You can see it in events that unfold in your life. If you look closer, you will see that in the most difficult of times and events, existence is giving you the best result. You have to watch closely to see that you got the best result out of the many outcomes. Nature is your best friend. It is you who is your biggest enemy. Of course, strive, work, build and create, but always be clear that results will not go exactly as you planned them to be. But, whatever they are, they are always for your benefit, never against you. When this realisation dawned on me, I felt light and with the flow. It is a very Ke Sara Sara kind of a mood and that is the advantage of making a Grace Sheet when you feel low, down or held back in some way.

So guys, go out there and make your Grace Sheets. Cheer yourself and understand the grace of existence in your individual lives.

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