The Tikku’s Travelthon Survival Buyback Offer

The Might of Partridge Publishing

Survival, my first book on motivation and the nature of consciousness, is in the best of hands. After all, Penguins India’s internet arm Partridge India is self-publishing the book. They have been one of the top brands in the publishing business for decades and is an international brand of their own. It was, thus, a great privilege when they decided to publish my first book.

Advantages of Partridge Publishing

  1. Great visually appealing colours, images and covers
  2. Best quality paper and printing
  3. Three layers of editing and proofreading
  4. Zero errors
  5. Convenient sizes of Hardback, paperback and ebook
  6. Promotional materials, free ebooks and complimentary copies
  7. Online advertising and internet bookstore sales
  8. Direct sales support
  9. PR efforts
  10. Book reviews on the net and other media
  11. Online sales tracking
  12. Print and sell, no inventory management needed

The Buy Back Offer: So You Don’t Lose

I have added an offer to the sales pitch of the book with an Exclusive Tikku’s Travelthon buyback offer. I will buy all the books that go unsold at the retailer or channel outlets at the buyback price which will be the retail price. This basically covers the retailer’s loss and he will know that his money is safe. I will, however, take 100% on a minimum sale of 5 copies. The buyback offer will be valid only for six months.

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