The Ten Headed Blogging Ravan

Blogging is not easy and is damn hard work. It requires a lot of patience and perseverance and the only way to do it best is to do it full-time and as a full-time profession. If you just keep it as a hobby, you will not make any money and not get the true satisfaction from it. You have to plunge into it headfirst and be immersed by it. Think, eat and drink blogging and that is the only way to do it. You need to be a ten-headed Ravan. The following is a description of the ten heads of blogging Ravan.

  1. Mr. Content Godzilla

You need to generate lots and lots of content in various formats, from written content as posts, short stories to even full-fledged e-books and published novels. Your imagination should be top class so that you can also create content in video format. Use creative editing applications for video streaming or YouTube channel. Structure content in the form of web-series or just one-minute animation videos. Blogging requires dynamic content every day and this requires deep thinking, a bucket full of ideas and knowledge of media formats across the board.

  1. Mr. Idea

You need fresh, innovative and quirky ideas and you need them by the million. New post headlines, e-book titles, story plots, character sketches etc. You need to translate these in visual formats as well as written. Use pictures to express yourself and your feelings. Convey things from a unique perspective that looks and feels new to people. Keep it fresh and lively. No idea is a waste. Show your ideas to the world.

  1. Mr. Knowledge Guzzler

You need to read blogs and see other video blogs. You also need to learn from e-tutorials. Go through competitor blogs and try and see what they are doing best. Understand and absorb new technology and terms. Keep up to date with the latest applications. Read guidebooks and search the net for content ideas. This has to be done across fields and areas. I read about blogging, travel, photography, videography, publishing, SEO guides, animation, YouTube editing. I read all this and still feel that I am behind. So you have to get into a maniacal reading habit, full stop. Otherwise, you will not have enough content ideas to work on and your blog will begin to pale.

  1. Happy Hippie

You need to be happy all the time so that you can make people laugh, make jokes and add one-liners to your content. Remember, your mood reflects your writing. Be happy and loving, footloose and fancy-free. Go inwards, meditate, do yoga, meet spiritual gurus and do an internal cleansing of your soul. You will come out fresh and rejuvenated in your writings. Float with your thoughts as well as your plots. Listen to music and watch movies but always be ideating.

  1. Mr. Partner Perfect

You need to partner with the right people who match your frequency and cultivate their passions. For instance, I take content from freelance content providers who specialise in a certain verticals like food, lifestyle, SEO, video editing and camera techniques. You need to partner with others so that you can participate in events, sell your published books, exchange content, post articles as guest and meet prospective advertisers and sponsors. You need deals that mutually work for both parties. It should be a win-win situation to your prospective partners.

  1. The Night Rider

Learn to adopt a reverse routine. Work all night and sleep in the morning. I do most of productive writing only at night. This is also the best time to edit videos and conceptualise new characters and story ideas. Night time is the most quiet and calm time. Between 3 am and 4 am, you have what the Indian yogis call The Brahmamuhurtha. This is the time when you can tap into special entities and states of consciousness that enhance your content generation and ideation. So learn to turn your routine upside down.

  1. Mr. Loner

You need to, or should I say, you will become a loner if you are obsessive about blogging. Only in peace and serenity, you can write and ideate. So learn to be alone and bid goodbye to your social life which will remain only through the net. You can come out of this phase now and again to forge alliances and look for prospective sponsors. So content generation will turn you not only into a night owl but also a loner.

  1. Mr Thick Skin

You will get a volley and barrage of insults, trolls and hate on the social media circuit for some of your controversial posts. So be ready for it. You will get it especially when you write on religion and sex. People have very definitive notions on these topics. Taboo topics will always get heated reactions and people will talk about it often. Don’t get emotional or discouraged by hostile reactions. Learn to cope with them. Reactions are good. It means people are reading your stuff and what’s more, they are moved by it. Positive or negative, both reactions are important. Learn from them.

  1. Mr. Flop

Learn to fail and fail fast. Fail again and again because that is the only way to learn in this dynamic and ever-changing sphere of technology and social media. Don’t be scared of being a flop. Flopping is good. It will just teach you quicker. Learn to redirect and make course corrections but always be moving.

  1. Mr. F**k

Don’t give a f**k about what people say or remark about you and your post. Only you know your idea and blog best. Only you can see your vision, path and direction. So keep the middle finger up all the time and don’t give any f**k. Dig deep within to get your insights and you will see the answers appear to you as you take this attitude.

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