The Sunburn at Kailash

Health is an important factor to consider while moving towards Kailash. We all had to go through 22 tests and must be declared fit by a panel of doctors before we could start our journey. Every day during the journey, we had medical tests and allowed the altitudes to rise bit by bit only so that we could get acclimatised to the heights.

The other unusual thing that happened to me was that I got sunburnt while I was in Kailash. I was told to carry sun cream but I didn’t follow the instructions and now, I was dark as the UV rays penetrated my skin. I was told that because of thin oxygen and atmosphere that we have in Kailash, UV easily penetrates through the skin. There was no bright sun or anything like that. Just a thin atmosphere and that was enough to get burnt. Now I was truly looking like an aborigine trying to get my picture taken in front of the mighty snow peak.

The sherpas are very good at climbing and climbed up in great haste. I had to ask mine to slow down as it took me some time to catch up. The trick of the trek is to keep moving but slowly. If one sits down to take rest for too long, then the body becomes stiff and the time taken is longer. Except for the halfway point, I, more or less, kept moving at a slow pace. No oxygen cans for me, sir! The only thing that I lost in Kailash was the complexion of my skin and around 5 kg in weight meaning that I really did do some hard work.

Locals sold rings, medallions and bracelets at the starting point of the trek but I bought nothing. I wanted to keep things light and uncomplicated as it is as one tends to lose these things along the way.

Satguru’s video talks and the morning meditation beside Kailash was just the tonic that one needed to recharge themselves as there was also a trek to be made back. Everyone greeted each other joyfully. After all, this was a spiritual journey that we had undertaken. So the vibes between people were good and there were no party powers. At least, not in our group.

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