The Price of My Survival Book

We have kept the price of the Book Survival at a reasonable rate.

  • Hardback at Rs 749 per copy

  • Paperback at Rs 350 per copy

  • Ebook at Rs 169 per copy

An early bird offer to all my friends and well-wishers who fill the TOP 20 RETAILER CONTACT FORM and send it to me with their shipping address. I will ship them at my courier cost 5 copies of Paperback, 1 copy of Hardback, 5 Ebooks totally free of cost.

Promotional Material

In addition to free books, you will also get promotional materials like 10 cards, 10 book stubs, 1 poster, 5 flyers and a SPIRIT OF SURVIVAL BOOK LAUNCH VIDEO.

The launch event will be organised by Citibank where I will give out 100 signed copies of my book to distinguished guests and friends.

You can find the TOP 20 RETAILER CONTACT FORM HERE. Download it, fill it and send it to my mail at

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