The Power of You! by Mandakini Kwatra

Hello, my readers! I know that I’ve been missing for a while and that’s because I have been going through a really rough patch in my life. So it was time for me to regain my strength and then come back to you with full vigour. I have been through a lot lately, mostly to do with my job and legal battle that I am fighting against a friend turned foe. But I am glad how the existence unveiled its secret to me, years back, that the real power to fight against all odds lies within myself. In fact, the better version is accepting rather than fighting against all odds.

In my previous articles too, I have laid much importance on accepting the circumstances. But so to clear my stand, it’s not plainly about accepting and then sulking about it. When you have accepted your situation unconditionally, you will feel a strange push inside yourself that will urge you to come out of your cocoon and stand tall against the waves. This will be your moment of awakening. And it is very important that you recognize this inner voice of yours rather than shrugging it off casually. This opportunity cannot be missed at any cost.

When my moment of awakening happened during this testing phase, I was only grateful to the existence for bestowing me with these circumstances as I would have never realized my true potential. It’s been a blessing in disguise for me. Ordinarily, when we face challenges or troubled times, we mourn and cry about it ignoring the fact that no two moments are alike and nothing is permanent. But when we mourn, we only extend the duration of our misery and then feel that our pain is here to stay with us for long. While we have no or little control over our circumstances, it is always our choice to be miserable because of the struggles we face or to find alternatives to rise and shine again. The only condition is that this has to be YOUR choice. God doesn’t enjoy giving you troubles. This is the existence’s way to make you somewhat wiser. Accept whatever comes your way and do not let any such opportunity slip by in vain. Realize your own power and potential.

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