The Lonely Bloggers Guide

Man, now that I have been doing blogging for over two years, I still feel like a novice. I never thought that I would be able to do this consistently for two years, but I have managed it somehow. Blogging is a loner’s activity. I mean, if you are the lone wolf type, it is something that you will enjoy. It’s one art form where you can only learn by repeatedly failing. If you can accept constant failure and not get perturbed, this is the thing for you. I chose blogging and solo travelling, both are loner’s zones.


You need to create an imaginative zone where you immerse yourself in the activity at hand. Learn to juggle different ideas in one go. Try new permutations and combinations with the design, structure, template and tools that you use as plugins into your blog. It’s like Arjuna hitting the eye of the bird with his arrow.

Happy Loser

Fail, fail, and fail. That is the only way to learn in this profession. Unlike in the real world, losing is good in the blogger’s zone. Learn to make course corrections to your tactics, get feedbacks and move on.

Active Response

You should be able to respond to suggestions, blog comments, testimonials, likes and emails from your readers and clients alike in an instant. In the internet world, you cannot be slow with your response. Make sure you respond to all your queries and give satisfactory answers to whosoever asks for it.


You will not make money until you have a proposition for your users and give that a value. I have gone into publishing e-books on my blog through the self-publishing route. I can sell these as self-help books, guides or just plain entertaining fiction novels. You need to have a product and then price it. Maybe you could charge people for buying travel guides or food recipes. Make sure that your content can be easily productised and there is an easy way to buy the product with simple instructions. I use
application to showcase my photographs and sell them to the world. Make sure you promote these aggressively and with simple instructions on your blog.

Just Write It

Get ready to write, write and write. I end up writing more than 5000 words a day. This is great as I can generate tons of content on different sub-niches. If you are running a YouTube channel, make sure you script and rehearse what you will say on your video. Build storyboards around your videos and have them professionally edited with sound. You can use applications and tools like TubeBuddy to increase YouTube views and run your channel better.


Use the right kind of people to partner with on your blog. You may use freelancers, service providers, sponsors or even people who do guest posts for you. Choose them carefully and filter them to find if they have the same mindset as you have. Otherwise, it will not work. Look for people with a common vision and passion so that they enjoy creating for you. Once this is done, forge deep and long-term alliances with them. I have used my service provider for two years and they have grown in experience and knowledge with me. Their domain expertise has grown as have mine.


Remember, you are blogging for a particular reason and have that goal clear in your head. I started blogging for fun and for passion. It gave me relief and was therapeutic. But as I went along, I began to realise I was making a lifestyle statement with my blog. It was as if I was exploring a new way of living. This automatically changed the way I was with the world and opened up many avenues in my mind. It was a shift of consciousness, a shift that brought about an entire change in my lifestyle. I have only now started to make money with my goal and have begun to add products to my blog to sell. But be ready to invest money into this activity. You pay fees to get into a good university to do a new course. Well then, invest in blogging tools also. Keep some money aside for internet advertising. I advertise on Facebook regularly and had a mixed response so far. But you need to invest in this craft. Just like buying a shop or a signboard for your business, you also need to invest in your blogging shop.


Learn tricks and develop traits to analyse data and generate reports from them. Also, learn to interpret these analytics. I have to analyse my blog reports every month to understand what corrections I can make, where I can add more value and how I need to push my blog products. It gives me an instant feedback on what works and what fails. It acts as my radar into the lonely and uncertain world of blogging. From deep imagination, you have to shift to being an astute analyser.


Read, read and read. Surf the net for ideas, read on your niches and read technical self-help books even if you find the subject too taxing. Learn the jargons and their real meanings. Blogging is full of jargons and gobbledegook. But your thirst for knowledge and your inquisitive nature will take you beyond the frontiers. Learn from industry experts but do not cramp your style or hinder your intuition. These are very important to protect if you are to make headway in this activity.

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