The Last Dance by Mandakini Kwatra

So when was the last time you danced? Danced, as in, not at a wedding or a nightclub or a birthday party or a competition. These don’t happen in a state of ecstasy. For such dance, a state of excitement or unawareness is needed, a reason is needed. Which is why some artificial enhancers are required to make you a bit tipsy, so you lose a little control over your body and start swinging, to which we refer as dance.

But there is only one person who can dance in soberness. You simply need to put on some music, just any music, and that person will start dancing. Maybe even without music sometimes. So who is that person? A child. Yes, a small child will not bother about people around, or his clothes, or his appearance. He is not in for this nonsense. He doesn’t have to please anyone with his antics. He is too busy with his ‘dance’, without thinking about the technicalities and the rules of the so-called dance that we refer to ‘incorrectly’. While we may find this dance very amusing and funny, and most of us will laugh it off as a foolish act, but in reality, we ‘the grown ups’ are the biggest fools. For we have forgotten to live in simplicity and innocence. We have only grown in age and not matured.

There is no one who cannot dance, no one! It’s only the dead who cannot. While reading this, you may think that you are an exception but let me tell you that you can dance too. And you don’t need to follow any rules or match your steps with the beats. For a dance of ecstasy, you only need to follow your heart, and the rest will happen on its own, provided you don’t resist. There is absolute peace in non-resistance. If you want a proof, then look around at Mother Nature – the trees, flowers, leaves, rocks, pebbles and whatsoever you can find that which is natural and un’adult’ered. When the wind blows, they don’t resist. They just flow with it. Of course, they may have their own speed but they don’t put their minds in it. They don’t choose otherwise. Which is why they are always at peace, and you too when you are surrounded by Mother Nature.

So you don’t need to practice dance, you need to practice non-resistance. I can make it simpler for you. Just close your room and put on some instrumental music that is very light and soothing to ears (my personal choice is Yanni). Stop all other activities and only focus on the music. You will realise that your limbs will start moving on its own and your head will start swaying without any effort of yours. Now, let this happen. Be completely immersed. No one is there to watch you so you don’t need to be conscious of others’ presence. This is the real dance – the dance of ecstasy. And NOW is the right time! So what are you all waiting for? Just get up and dance and celebrate life unconditionally.

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