The Duality of the Mind and the Oneness of the Soul

We know that the mind and the five senses perceive the material world in duality. Good and evil, war and peace, love and hate – all emotions reside in duality. The mind cannot create any other form of reality. Its projection of the world is dual and that is what we see when we see existence through the mind. So how do we see oneness or the non-dual existence, the whole, the complete truth, the one essence? We cannot comprehend the nature of existence as a whole through the narrow prism of the mind or the five senses. Thus, we need to pick up the veil of Maya first and escape the duality of existence that can only be done in a state of no-mind or when the mind disappears and the atman appears. This glimpse of the soul is pure bliss and joy, alone and one. It is not in harmony with existence. It is existence, the true nature of existence. The mind is the screen on which it plays its game of the world and we experience the dance of life on the projected screen. Atman is the projector itself, not the screen. To get to the wire or the projector, you have to shut the movie that is being projected on the screen of the mind. This is the space that meditation takes you to. Let us say it is the doorway or the process of shutting the play on the screen. Then appears a doorway that takes you to the glimpse of the truth, the atman.

I am not saying you should be in meditation all the time as one also needs to perform his or her duties in the world. See it as an escape to the other side to experience an alternative reality that exists beyond the senses. The deeper you go, more the nectar you will get. Many times when you come out of mediation, you will get deep insights, intuitions and even deep realisations. This will help you to take the right decisions when you deal with day-to-day issues and problems. Oneness lets you see your psychological games from a distance and you can be more objective especially when you deal with relationships around you. Your insight will sharpen and more clarity will persist. That is what we call retreating into oneself. For years, I have seen my grandmother do this as she resides into the small Pooja Ghar that she has and stays there for hours, sometimes, almost half the day. This is her space where she goes inwards and realises the true oneness of reality. She detaches herself from the mind games of her mind.

So be one and get done!

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