The Creative Content Ecosystem

As I have gone on towards my blogging journey, it has become apparent to me that content creation is of supreme importance. The six spokes of content creation are,

  1. Informative
  2. Creative
  3. Humorous
  4. Original
  5. Entertaining
  6. Hook

When all of the above are present, we can safely say that the content either in words, pictures, videos or audio is of the highest quality. This content can be infectious if we keep all of the above in mind. But the content has to reside on a platform like blogs, ebooks, paperbacks, web series etc. It has to be created and nurtured by a team that gets experienced over time. There are no vendors, suppliers and employees. All are partners in the creative process and enjoy both the rewards and brickbats from the fruits of content creation. This is the Creative Content Ecosystem. There is no give and take. It is only the sharing of ideas, knowledge, wisdom and love. Everyone is interdependent on the other. It is encouraged for the free flow of ideas.

After a healthy user and readership base has been established, one can then go on to making products and price them accordingly. But first, get the user base and the rest will follow. I have been giving away content for free on my blog but the time has come to monetise it and that will happen with my e-book Survival which will be launching soon. This content will be priced according to our user segment both in terms of psychographics and demographics. Once you have rightly valued your content in the eye of the readers, the game becomes easier. Always remember that you will be paying a price to your content creators and blog managers. So your content has to be priced slightly higher in order for you to make money. Once this balance has been achieved, a Creative Content Ecosystem has been created which will run on autopilot in the years to come.

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