The Creative Chaos and Structured Creativity

Creativity, as I see it, comes out in two forms – chaotic and structured. I, at many times, get a burst of ideas, visions and thoughts that look and sound jumbled up. When I write them down initially in a post or a script, they look all tangled and jumbled up. That’s where the blogging platform I use comes into action. I let this ball of creative chaos loose on the platform which acts like a sieve or a funnel on which my content trickles down. Bullet points become post headlines, lines become paragraphs, paragraphs become plots and plots become characters and dialogues. Now throw in images, videos and sound in it. You begin to feel and see a form. A structure begins to appear which is chiselled and crafted by blogging tools, software, applications and edits. Now you can see the body and the form in totality. This is the emergence of structured creativity. The chaos now has a form.

So feel free to vomit out your inner chaos on blank screens and then paint them accordingly. Chaotic creativity is like a potter making a beautiful earthen pot. He first starts with a putty, a formless form, a lump of clay and mud which has to be turned into a beautiful vase. Through chaotic form, exquisite beauty will appear. But at first, you need to blow the breath of your soul into it. That is where the concept of soul blogging comes in. Technology provides you with the tools to do the cutting and knitting. The more intensely you do it and the more detail you go into it, the better the structure will be. It will be more attractive. Not to mention, it will be useful and needful for others.

For chaos to be there, you need doubt at first. What you write might not make sense to you but as you go on, the post will start to have a meaning and a message of its own. So plunge your mind into chaos and just get down to blogging. Your inner creativity will find a face and its own beauty.

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