The Cambridge Analytica Data Breach

Cambridge Analytica is a data harvesting tech company that had built an application which could be downloaded as a quiz called The Digital World. Using the application as a front, it was able to steal data of 87 million Facebook users. Mind you, each user gave permission to the application and logged into it with consent. Having done so, all primary user data like Name, Anniversary, Birthday etc. were all harvested by the company. A lot of user data related to private messages and other personal data was also harvested. Aleksandr Kogan, the man behind this breach, has raised the issues of the right to privacy of an individual.

How can you protect your private information?

  1. Stop signing into the various applications on Facebook. If you do, make sure you have read the user agreement and clicked on the right buttons.
  2. Download your data from Facebook. There is a facility to do that and store it separately as a backup file so only you have access to it.
  3. Use Facebook advertising settings to reduce the ads that are served to your account. You can shut down ads of particular categories like politics. Exercise that right of yours.

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