Tele Calling and Micro Marketing: The Keys to Internet Success

As I have started exploring various ways to market, sell and brand my book Survival, I realised how important specially targeted brand building tactics are. For instance, I realised that the broadcast list of 250 that I just collated had mobile contact numbers, names and birthdays of people. Special book offers can be modelled around this user data. For instance, Facebook can tell you the birthdays of your friends. I decided to send all my friends a free Survival Ebook for them to read and enjoy. The gift will land in their homes on the day of their birthday. Now that’s a special treat for all your followers and friends. I am sure they will remember and cherish this gesture. I call it the SURVIVAL BIRTHDAY BASH OFFER.

This is what micromarketing is. Building small niches and targeting special offers specially made for them or for an occasion.

Tele calling can be used on the data to generate further sales and to communicate offers. This could drive sales and also may result in bulk sales. There is no need for a ‘feet on street’ salesperson. All can be done through net and phone. Use Paytm and internet banking for collecting payment and a receipt in shape of Tikku’s Travelthon buyback offer will be mailed to the buyer of the book. The orders can be couriered directly to the reader.

The broadcast list must be updated monthly to add new prospects or niches to it. This is an ongoing exercise and it is akin to collecting gold. Your broadcast list is your gold and you must keep expanding it and adding more data and angles to give you a deeper insight into the customers / buyers mind, habits, buying behaviour and tastes. It is the starting point of your micro marketing effort.

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