Target the Millennials

The millennials are the best and the most focused target audience demographically and age-wise that one can target for digital marketing. These are men and women between the age group of 18 years to 45 years, those who were born after the 1990s. In India, this is a very distinct target group as it only includes people who were born after the Indian economy opened up to the world in 1992, the era of Manmohan Singh. This is when India opened and liberalised its economy. This is the TV cable generation who have only seen India moving faster and faster towards the free economy. They follow their own set of rules and by how they see their place in the sun. They are ready to experience new things, forever motivated to take risks, are very much into social media scene and are also a huge buyer market for internet products. These are the perfect bunch for Tikku’s Travelthon to target.

These are a totally new set of people with new ideas willing to live a free and independent life. They have ambitions and the intelligence to achieve their lofty goals. They also form a relatively high-income group with a lot of spending power as image and positioning in the world matter to them.

I am targeting this group in all the metros of India including Cochin. I am also targeting the millennials in the USA and the United Kingdom. The ads will also be in Hindi and Malayalam, the other two regional languages of my blog.

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