Symptoms of Depression by Mandakini Kwatra

Following from where I left, in the last post, depression is not easy to diagnose. It isn’t a casual day of sadness, lack of self-confidence or a day when nothing seems to go right. There are usually underlying causes of this prolonged feeling of sadness. Since depression is more to do with a psyche of a person rather than a physical illness, the causes, symptoms and reactions will be unique for everyone. However, there is a general trend that can be seen in almost all patients based on which a common list of symptoms can be compiled.

So how do you identify if you are in a depression? The absence of joy in doing things you loved doing once. This could probably be because you have tasted failure or failures in the things you loved the most. To take an example, a sportsperson who has lost a few matches may develop a lack of self-confidence. While this could be a reason in itself, some other life event can also trigger this lack of interest.

Not socialising of late? By this, I am not referring to social networking platforms. I consider them to be the biggest anti-social platforms. Thanks to them, I now get my birthday wishes as wall posts rather than phone calls or surprise midnight visits. So, I am referring to people who are avoiding their social groups, not answering calls and in short, basically avoiding all human contact. Yes, there is a section of society who don’t have very outgoing personalities and are independent. However, even they are not devoid of socialising. No human is incomplete within himself, yet he is incomplete without another human, in a way. Interdependence is the law of nature.

In the case of females, thyroid is a big contributor too, apart from pregnancy. Both bring drastic changes in female hormones and her body. With the change in the body shape, comes lack of self-confidence. While pregnancy is a temporary phase and re-bouncing from it is comparatively easier, thyroid, in many cases, stays for life. But with timely diagnosis, correct medication and a positive attitude, this can be corrected too. I too have fought back thyroid and PCOS for years now, and my recent test results do not show any signs of either of the two. (The secret I will share in the next post!)

And the list is huge! Other symptoms include fatigue, insomnia, oversleeping, lack of concentration and focus, changes in appetite, over thinking etc. In the worst cases, it can even lead to suicide. It is not uncommon to hear celebrities (like Robin Williams, Nafisa Ali, Pratyusha Banerjee and much more) who have committed suicide despite having all, all that a common man wishes for. Yet, they end their lives. Why? ‘Depression is a disease of the rich and famous’.

If any of the above-mentioned symptoms you or someone you know has, then please seek help! Stay tuned for the next post in which I will share some self-help therapies to overcome depression and also a few certified professionals to help you come out of it.

         – Mandakini Kwatra

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