Survival Book Launch: Retailer Testimonials

For the book launch of Survival, I have instructed all the Survival Councillors to capture retailer data and information in the Top 20 retailer contact sheet. The next step is of great value addition to the retailer. Once he has read the free Survival promotional book, he will be handed a Retailer Book Review Form on which the retailer will give his positive review about the book and give his views on the value of the book’s content and its benefit to the reader if any. This is in 50 words. He will also give us the details of his products, marketing information about his outlet or any other points he wants to highlight about his business. The councillor will then make a 1-minute video of the retailer in front of his shop as he holds the SURVIVAL Book and gives a big thumbs up. These will go down as testimonial blog posts and retail marketing videos on a special corner called “Retail Corner”. They will be freely promoted on the blog with the contact details of the retailer. This is again a free service and a further value addition to the retailer on our blog. It also creates a positive feedback for both parties, a positive testimonial for someone who has read the content of the book go a long way in getting actual sales for the author of the book.

The videos will also go live on YouTube and will be a live advertisement for the retailer shop. So get out there, form a connection with your prospective buyer, get the Survival testimonials and make those great positive retailer testimonial videos.

Click HERE for the Retailer Book Review Form. Download it, fill it and send it back to me at

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