Sun Tzu and the Art of Blogging

Sun Tzu was a famous Chinese general who wrote an entire manuscript about the art of military tactic and warfare. This book inspired many Chinese warriors. According to Sun Tzu, an army general should be like a Taoist master. I read the book many times during my younger days and now, having been moved by it, I want to write similarly about the art of blogging.

Content Driven Strategy

As I have gone about blogging, I have realised that in order to succeed, you need a content-driven strategy. If you want content that moves and touches people, it needs to be bold and differentiated. The presentation of your content through images and videos should be first class and of the highest quality. And lastly, it should be packaged and trademarked correctly. You need good high-quality freelance writers who can write on certain topics and make sure you nurture them and pay a price for their content. I pay 50 paise per word to my writers and they all enjoy credits and mentions on my blog. Almost 70% of the written content on my blog is written by me. Get the content strategy, topics and emotive issues that are relevantly right and the rest will follow.

A Broad and Expansive Content Funnel

Now you have to figure out what tools you can use to drive this content to your relevant audience. Here, you have to select carefully. I use a WordPress custom site and have integrated with social media tools and application. More than a dozen of these applications are used on my blog. I use posts, videos, pictures and audio to share my content with my followers. The more ways you have to reach your audience on the internet, the better.

Free Content Marketing Strategy

For the first two years, I gave my content for free and tried to build a user base. It’s only now that I have differentiated my content and got my book out. I have begun to charge people for my book. You will realise that you have to give out free content in order to attract people to your blog at first.

Be Aggressive on E-Marketing

I am aggressive in e-marketing and am trying to build a regular MailChimp database of over 10,000 IDs. These can be used to send newsletters, book launch promotions and communicate with the audience. So make sure you have a master broadcast list of your readers and followers. Also, make sure that you keep updating it.

Tie Up a Payment System

Now with my book launch, I am trying to build a retail outlet system to tie up retailers who will sell my book. The payment can be made through PayTM to the Tikku’s Travelthon book councillors. They can use the barcode of the book to scan and give a receipt to the retailer along with the welcome letter.


Choose your foot soldiers, editors, writers and councillors wisely. They should be driven, enthusiastic about what they are doing and then pay them well, at least the market price. Motivate them and train them at the same time.

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