Success is All Your Failures Added Up Together

Yes, in one sentence, I have nailed it. It is the ultimate definition of success, the answer which has been given by many spiritual gurus in the form of long monologues. It is even debated by scholars and leadership gurus in books and news articles – the word ‘Success’ and why it fascinates us all. Why all of us what success in every field of life and how it affects us negatively when we are deprived of it. A whole industry of motivational teachers and pulpit preachers has been inspired by this one word, success. This is the new mantra of the modern age and this is how you will be judged by society at large – if you are a success or a failure.

To me, the sum total of your failures is what amounts to your success currently. Talk to any great sportsman like Michael Jordan or Sachin Tendulkar and take a peek into the lives of successful entrepreneurs and film stars. They have all been battered and bruised by moth material and emotional failures. They have had to tread on coal. Take the life of Amitabh Bachchan or even Sanjay Dutt. It hasn’t been all rosy for them and they had to fight hard to get to a stage that they deserve to be called success icons. Why? Well, most people learn maximum from their failures. Failure is a great teacher and success is not. To be successful or to achieve the desired goal, one has to be ready to fail not once but many times.

Take the tale of Jack Ma, the richest man in China and the owner of, the largest online retail portal in China. He was rejected from so many jobs and universities before he found and that too was a huge failure. He was not able to turn it into a profitable venture for a long time. He says openly, “Failure taught me what success could and will never” Over time you fail, you analyse your situation, take course corrective measures, rest and dust yourself up with reunited focus. It is through your failures that your success is born. So always be ready to fail and learn from it too. Persistence is the key, the ability to grind it out in tough times, to be able to dig deep within to find the lost stark. That is what rising from one’s failures means. You have to win the inner battle first before you win the outer battle. One must know how to tackle doubts, negative inner echoes and unwanted relationships.

Success is at the pinnacle of all your failures. So yes, it is true that it comes at a price and is a hard price at that. So next time, turn the analogy of success on its head and take interest in your failures. Analyse them well and then learn from them.

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