Spirit of Survival Retailer Dhamaka! - Delhi Launch

Today, I officially launched the Delhi Tikku’s Travelthon Book Retailers Drive. The first three retailers who will be selling my book Survival are from Suraj Mal Vihar, A Block Market.

  • Abi Jain of Attune Offitech

  • Kushagaar Arjun Singh of K S Shoes Outlet

  • Pandy Ji Local Paan Shop Owner

I thank you all for your love and for displaying posters and distributing pamphlets to help promote my book Survival. My special and dearest retailers.

They were all given their Welcome Letter and also the Retailer Book Review format so that they could do a book review after they finish reading the book.

Next, the Tikku’s Travelthon Buyback offer will be mailed to them. Their outlet photos and other details will be put on a special section on www.tikkustravelthon.in and also in the retailer post section of my author blog www.anujtikku.com which will be run by Partridge India Ltd.

My total earning was around Rs 6000. That’s a great start, wouldn’t you say. Man, the book only arrived an hour back on my doorstep and I have started selling copies. Hurry, guys, this is going to be fun. So sell, sell, sell!

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