Sparrows Wall Art and A Morning Walk in Dehradun

I had been writing all night and just could not sleep at 5 am. I decided to take a morning walk across Inder Road in the Dalanwala area of Dehradun. It was a still morning with a bit of faint drizzle around as elderly people walked the start for their morning walks. I had my camera in my hand and was happy to capture pictures of beautiful sparrows and people walking their dogs.

As I approached Welham Boy’s, my old school, I caught a glimpse of some wall art on the outer walls of Welham Girls’. I duly clicked some photos. The mornings are so fresh, pleasant and very peaceful. No traffic, just a wide empty road staring at me. Just you and your thoughts as I used my latest 100×400 mm zoom lens which was very effective in capturing everything in sight. Suddenly, a security guard with a splendid moustache passed me by and I requested him to give me a pose. Then there was a girl walking her dog and also an elderly lady taking a brisk walk throwing her arms about.

So enjoy the pictures and get a flavour of what the mornings are in the Dun Valley.

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