Soul Blogging

Well, before I try to describe what soul blogging is, let me define what the nature of the soul is. The soul is the deepest part of us. This is where all the good and the spiritual resides in us. The soul is the epicentre of our creativity, gut and inner light. It is our moral guide and compass, our most natural nature. That is why people say to look deep within you to find your deepest desires and motivations. It is the reason why you do and act the way you do. It is our compass in an unpredictable table, the fast-moving and the ever-changing world. We rely deeply on this realm of our being to stay on course in the journey of life so that we can sail through without getting into rough waters. It is our inner guide and beacon. The soul is immortal as described by most religions. In Hinduism and Buddhism, all beings have a soul and all souls are divine. Judaism has a slight conflict as it says only human souls are immortal. But whichever theology you follow, the soul is the deepest part of you. It is your own authentic fountainhead. Find that and you will unleash your creativity.

Soul blogging is doing blogging from the very centre of your being, your immortal soul itself. Why? Well, blogging is an activity you do because you enjoy it. You are passionate and moved to write about issues, products, topics and niches that move you the most and in which you have interest in or is inquisitive about. Well, you use creativity and churn. One absorbs all this knowledge through the five senses from the level of the soul and you create the ‘wow’ factor! Your work stands out as highly creative and authentic. It is the true image of you in clear and crystal form without distortion and adulteration. Well, isn’t that what we are all looking for? Something that is pure and true? If it is coming from the deepest part of you, then it must be true. Whether it’s a picture, a video or just a post, it will resonate with the readers as it will be authentic and new. The content will carry your very nature and feelings forming a cord. That is what soul blogging is all about, to blog from your very centre.

The five senses are absorbing visuals, sounds, smells and written words every day and this data is being processed by the subconscious mind without you realising. It’s like breathing. It goes through various internal filters to reach your soul as soul food. It is here where the known knowledge is churned and out of it comes out the new and the unknown that has the colours and tastes of your authenticity. This is your inner creativity at work. This is your take on the data, your unique vision on the knowledge that has been processed. Your blog posts will come alive when you tap into this realm and then blog. For you to do more of soul blogging, you will have to add dhyaan, yoga, contemplation, ideation, breathing and relaxation into your daily routine. The freshness will show in your work which will come out as delightfully new and innovative.

You will see things from a different viewpoint and make the right choices in your blogging journey. You will also be able to analyse data and analytics better when you practice more of soul blogging.

So get into it and do some soul blogging!

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