Self-Publishing or Discount Marketing

A hell of a lot of discounts are offered for other value-added services that the publisher offers after you have purchased your first publishing package. Services like book reviews, website setup, internet advertising and marketing, social media integration, video making all cost money. But if you are a clever author, you would wait and negotiate before buying these extra services. Always ask yourself. You have already made an investment in the publishing package and have no clue how many books you will sell and even more, how many to just recover your initial investment. Try and get heavy discounts on the value-added services. There are discounts of more than 60% on the list price available and maybe even more if you hold your ground and bargain well. Plus ask for free services to be bundled with the value-added services. You can ask for free books to be thrown in when you order your next set of book consignment. That way, you can get 20 to 30 free copies additional to the ones you have already paid for.

The discount margins are huge in this business as it is all a volume’s game. You try and get heavy discounts on bulk sales which you can pass off to your councillors or retail chain. If you understand discount marketing, which is a way to push products down your throat pretending that you are adding value, you could further lower the purchase price of the book.

I even asked for a 6-month money back offer with the marketing services bundle and got three extra services absolutely free, including a mention on the company blog and other vital listings.

So go out, be smart and use discounting to your advantage in this self-publishing game.

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