Selection of Tikku’s Travelthon Book Councillors

These should be young guys that are able to converse in both Hindi and English. Ideally, they should have a scooter or a bike of their own and should have some kind of a hobby and creative interest. They should also be enthusiastic about books and reading in general. Someone with the appetite to learn new things and do research on the net would be perfect.

Their average beat area should not be more than a radius of 5 km. Their timing will be from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm which is when they will be on the field making contacts with retailers and prospective buyers.

Job Description

To inform the prospect about Anuj Tikku, his travel blog Tikku’s Travelthon and to tell about Partridge and Penguin publications. To identify and capture contact details, product information and footfall data from the retailer about his business. Handover promotional materials to the outlet. Get testimonials about the book and take a video and photograph of the outlet and the owner.

Inform the retailer about the Tikku’s Travelthon Buyback Offer and show him his special retailer blog page that we will create for the retailer. Make the final sale of five books, collect the money in advance through cash, Paytm or internet banking. Keep in touch with the retailer and contact on the next book launch.

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