Sachin - A Movie Review

As dull and as non-controversial as the sporting legend himself, Sachin is more of a documentary drama on the life and times of Sachin Tendulkar. It’s a mix of old raw footage and television clips of the Great Sachin Tendulkar sporting life. His great innings and his fall from grace after being unsuccessful as an Indian captain not once but twice. The movie also takes us into his private space with home video footage and interviews with his wife Anjali and his brother Ajit.

Sachin pops in and out of the film as his philosophises on his battles with Shane Warne and how he wants to form a bond with his children. He is forever the dotting father, the perfect obedient son, a great brother and, above all, the greatest cricketer of his time. We see great players like Lara, Warne, Ponting and others shower praises at him and speak of him as a modern cricketing God. After all, Sachin played for the country for 24 years. The film, at times, looks at the long career of Sachin in the backdrop of a resurgent and more confident India – An India shining and stamping its own identity on the world. Ten governments changes during the time Sachin was batting for India. It’s as if he was the only constant, the only great sporting legend who was also the best in the world, a real “Jungle ka Raja” as described by Sehwag in his interview.

He is the great inspiration of the team even in the dressing room. He is a hero to us all. India looked up to Sachin during the Mumbai attacks and he scored a century to unite and console a country after such a huge tragedy. He was and still is a national icon, a face that united us all under the banner of cricket. The movie glorifies Sachin all the way but also takes us to his low phases in life like the shock of his father’s death, the cricket betting scandal, India’s defeats abroad and losing to Bangladesh. We see his ups and his downs, his battle with tennis elbow injury and the subsequent comeback.

The movie ends on a high note showing Sachin finally getting his hands on the Holy Grail – The Cricket World Cup 2011. The Indian team is in safe hands of younger players like Dhoni, Yuvraj, Raina and Kohli. Sachin is a mentor and friend to them all. He truly is a virtuous hero, a man who stayed away from controversies and always spoke just enough causing not even a flutter. The movie, at times, becomes just a narration of Sachin’s cricketing achievements and about the historical facts of his life. His relationship with his coach Achrekar and his love for his beloved Mumbai specially comes out well in the film.

All in all, the film, like the man, stays away from controversy but I am sure that Sachin fans will enjoy it.

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