Reap What You Sow

Most of us have heard this phrase – “you reap what you sow” and some of us have experienced it too. But what we don’t know is that this is not limited to just our actions and words, but our thoughts too, for these are also the seeds that we sow. We become what we think. The law of karma is equally applicable to our pattern of thoughts and the same kind of thoughts, over and over again, will eventually transform into an action – you will be hypnotized.

Some people do not think before saying or doing something. Some, at least, think before responding to others. But not many are aware of the thoughts that they generate when they are with themselves. You can think of murdering someone and not do it actually for socio-practical reasons but a mere thought is enough to change your category of karma. The outcome of what we sow in the form of our thoughts is born at the same moment. For example, if you feel hatred for someone and think of harming the other, the entire feeling that you have is very unpleasant and disturbing. So the feeling that you reaped out of the thought that you sowed is what makes you, and not the other, feel miserable.

It is easy to deceive the world but not yourself. Only you would know whether you are a devil or a saint at a given moment. Your behaviour with others versus what you feel for them differs. This is required too, for we cannot go around killing those who we don’t like. But then this would mean that we will have to suppress our feelings. I, personally, don’t approve of any sort of suppression (please refer to my previous articles on how to get rid of your suppressions). Rather, I would stress on the transformation from negative to positive thoughts.

The first step is to identify that you have a negative thought pattern. Identification is a crucial and foremost step towards transformation. And the change will have to be deep rooted, not superficial. So you need to change your lifestyle to change your thought pattern. The more you live in love, empathy compassion and creativity, the less you will think ugly. The focus is always on maximizing positivity and not reducing negativity. So love more and meditate more, feel pious and be pious in the true sense.

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