Holy Shit, that’s One Lakh Down the Drain!

Just got the analytics report from my publisher Partridge India and man, it was a disaster! Out of the 30k plus emails and PR outlets on the web that my book
PR release went to, only 6 or 7 have clicked to read the PR release in the first place and zero, yes, a grand total of zero, have responded to ask for copies of the book. So much for internet and web marketing and PR releases. One lakh is what I paid for this lousy service and the disastrous result is in front of us all. No, absolutely no results from this activity, no response, no reviews, no sales. Utterly a waste of a promotional effort.

I am told by the book consultants of Partridge Publishing that it does take time for people and media outlets to respond and a lead time of 30 days should be kept in mind before completely evaluating the activity. But if this is the lousy impact, I can’t hope for things to improve. So I can safely say I was disappointed with the lousy impact of the web PR marketing effort and I think the money went down the bloody drain! I WILL NEVER USE THIS SERVICE AGAIN and you should think twice about spending your hard earned money this way. As it is, self-publishing is expensive as one has to pay for the entire promotional package. On top of that, one has to bear the entire marketing and web PR efforts. I calculated that I will have to sell at least 9000 books just to break even in this publishing game. One needs to have effective marketing and PR strategies that get concrete results and not activities for the sake of it. I am very disappointed with this aspect of the self-publishing chain.

You need impactful ads and graphic banners that entice the customer to act and buy that generate genuine enquires, not just an activity which is more like a lame excuse leading to zero results.

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