On Cruise with Shirin Venkatramani

A travel experience gets enhanced by the company you get and the people you get talking to. On the Antarctica cruise, we all felt like one big family. There was love, joy, giggles and courtesy flowing everywhere. Amongst all this, I bumped into a wonderful lady by the name of Shirin. She is a fair lady with all white long hair yet she has a very expressive face. It’s a face with all nine rasas intact. “Hi, you must be looking forward to the trip. It has been a bit up and down the sea today. I felt some sea sickness today. That’s why I was just lying down on my bed in the cabin.” I said as I approached Shirin who was sitting in front of me on the dinner table. She also had her doctor son on the cruise with her. “Well, I sure enjoy the company of fascinating and exciting people. That’s what a cruise is all about.” Shirin smiled as if to say she was happy to acknowledge me. “Well, I am Anuj. I am from Delhi and also a travel blogger. I have been travelling around the world for the last three years. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I shook Shirin’s hand and moved closer to the two of them. We had a good connect and then our conversation ventured into her favourite subject – spirituality and philosophy. Well, I had many stories on this subject. “Man, I was in love with OSHO. He had been a great influence in my life especially when I was in Mumbai. I used to go to the Pune ashram regularly and used to meditate. I used to do the Nadabrahma Kundalini meditation. I would even wear his robes all the time and had kept my hair long. I was sunk deep into it.” I said excitedly explaining to her the peaks of my spiritual experience.

“Well OSHO has been one of my gurus also. I like Satguru. He makes more sense now and he talks well although his wife died in very controversial circumstances. I always wondered how someone like him could rise so quickly.” She said deeply immersed in her thoughts. “Well, Satguru, he does left-side Sadhna. That’s what he is into – tantra and black magic. I think that is what is working for him.” I retorted. The dinner was almost over and I exchanged my cabin number with Shirin. “Well, I have just published a book. You should read it.” She said as we parted. “Why not? I will do a review of your book on my blog.” That was the promise I made to Shirin on the Antarctica cruise and I am surely keeping that promise. It is due to my deep love for this lady who is a renowned gynaecologist and a spiritual seeker just like me.

For two days, I sat silently in my room reading her book of nectar stories from our ancient wisdom. These nuggets from our great spiritual past have been presented to us by Shirin through her own hourglass. Each story is followed by a moral and this goes a long way to enlighten the reader about the essence of the story. It also tells us what wisdom the story is about. We can then take these day-to-day lessons as moral guides when we go ahead in our lives.

Read my review of Shirin Venkatramani’s Jeevansar Kathamrut right HERE.

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Jeevansar Kathamrut: Nectarean Stories to Glean the Essence of Life

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