Oh My Crash! A Day Without My iPhone 7

“Oh shit! My iPhone has crashed.” I spat out these words yesterday morning when I realised that in a hurry to load my phone with the latest iOS, I had hastily unplugged my iPhone midway through the software transfer and thus, the iPhone OS crashed and the phone shut down and closed. It was a nightmare. I mean me, a travel blogger, without the use of my phone. I started to get fidgety and irritated, even helpless and frustrated. I grew agitated at my despair but then better sense prevailed and I began to deal with my situation. Retrieving your Apple email can be a painstaking process as you have to go through a set of defined processes. You need to fill your email id and telephone number along with your name and, at times, answer hint questions or even press text or listen to voice messages asking you to key the numbers you hear in the text box. This is just a way of knowing that you are not a robot but a human.

When I retrieved my id, I forgot the password and vice versa. So when I got the id right, I had to shuffle around looking for the password and the mobile phone was still locked. I realised the mobile will only unlock and take backup when I press the first password that I used when this particular mobile was bought a year back.

Now that was difficult. I mean, who would remember the first password that one used on a new mobile phone? My memory is not that sharp. Then I disgustedly took my mobile to the local phone repair shop and he wrestled with the issue for three hours but could not find a solution despite me having narrated all the passwords that I knew to him. Now I was getting really cheesed off and decided to work on the device myself. Till late night, I struggled with all the permutations and combinations, retrieving passwords, replying to emails that promised to activate my phone but to no avail.

Next morning was the time to take this issue head on. So I went online to the Apple support chat room and explained my crash and the subsequent password and username issue. I was spoken to politely and asked to call customer care personnel on the phone. “Now look, my phone is fucking locked and that is my only piece of communication. Where am I to get a new phone from to call up customer care?” Luckily, a friend dropped by and I used his phone. First, I was aggressive but the customer care staff calmed me down and with the help of a few questions and instructions, helped me retrieve my first username. That’s it. I suddenly remembered my password after recognising the username. It all clicked together! By the evening, I was back in business with my phone activated. I immediately plugged it to the MacBook Air and started to take backup of my files and contacts. Thankfully, everything was intact and no data has been lost. What’s more, my phone has a new tortoise tree wallpaper as well and it looks baby new!

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