Niche, Sub-Niche and Blog Structure

As a blogger who took up blogging as a hobby, I wanted to write and express my inner feelings, thoughts and ideas about the world and topics that I hold dear to me. I found it difficult to structure my blog at first. I had christened my blog as Tikku’s Travelthon and started to write about my travels to various parts of the world through the blog. As I went about my travel stories keeping my focus on travel alone, I realised there were other subjects that fascinated me and I wanted to write about them.

Create Sub-Niches on the Same URL

I love food and eat in many fancy restaurants around the world. I wanted to talk about these. I enjoy reading about spirituality, religion and motivation. So, I wrote deep and insightful posts on these topics. I enjoy movies and so, I wrote about world cinema. Then I found myself writing about blogging itself and wrote about how one can start a blog and market it. This was to educate and help new bloggers. All in all, I realised I had about six sub-niches on my blog which was initially created to talk about my world travels only. I created these niches as features on my blog. After a year, I realised that out of the six, I was writing predominantly on four features – Travel Bawarchi, Blogging for Gold, Survival and Travelthon Tales. I deleted the other features as over time, I did not generate much content for them.

Create Sub-Niche on different URL

The other way to do it would have been to create four new blogs with URLs TravelthonGold, TravelthonBawarchi, TarvelthonTales and TravelthonSurvival.

These would be separate blogs exploring each niche under the Travelthon Brand. This way, I can further divide a niche into a sub-niche and so on. My content will be more, indeed, and I will grow vertically rather than spread myself thin horizontally.

Adult Content

I also wrote a lot of sordid and sleazy stories based on my real life experiences which I posted on Tikku’s Travelthon. These stories got a great response. But I realised that they would attract a very different kind of an audience and a very different type of advertisers. So although they were great content, they were jarring and hurting my current Tikku’s Travelthon brand. So I have decided to put them under a different URL with a brand name which will cater to adults who want to enjoy adult content alone. This would require privacy and anonymity which my current blog does not provide.

You should ideally blog on two or three content niches per blog and these niches should be a close cousin of each other. Since food, travel stories and travel motivations are very close cousins of each other, it made sense to have them under the Tikku’s Travelthon umbrella. If your niche is far out from your main blog idea, it makes much more sense to start a new blog URL and blog on that topic separately. That is why I will have a new URL for my adult content and not add it as a feature to my existing blog as it is very diverse in nature.


Always use the law of focus. Try and focus on your blog and vertically explore each niche in depth. For instance, food could be divided into regional food, food blogging, food photography etc. The more focused your blog, the more detailed and in-depth it will be. It will also attract a focused viewership and generate focused sponsors. So it makes sense from a simple marketing perspective. It’s the generalist vs the specialist. Which one do you prefer?

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