My GoPro 5, My Hero

Yes, this is the best thing that I have ever bought from Amazon.
My GoPro 5 Hero Black
at an affordable price of Rs 23,899, a miniature camera in all its beauty and all its technology, will be delivered to your door. But that’s just the beginning. Open this delightful equipment and you begin to see the wonder of technology and aesthetics. It is just a small piece of square with a carbon case. You can put it anywhere, from selfie sticks to the top of your forehead. You can take videos and pictures even while doing scuba at 10 metre depth.

It captures vibrant 4K images. With a touchscreen control system, it is easy to use and easy to reset. Not to mention, it’s also hands free as you can control this baby through voice command. A GoPro 5 and all its other accessories are well-crafted and fit beautifully with each other including the microphone and the battery charger. Everything occupies minimum space which means they are highly portable and easy to carry on a travel adventure. The GoPro is also equipped with a wide angle mode and can take 12 MB photos both in single burst and time lapse. It has surely made a difference in the quality and content of my videos, not to mention its ease of use and carrying convenience. I would recommend this product to all happy travellers and it’s a must if you are a lover of making home videos. The accessories are priced a bit steep but I guess the company has to make some profits and they do that through accessories sales.

So go ahead and click 
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