My First Ebook Royalty Cheque

Rs. 39, My First E-royalty Cheque

After three years of blogging, I finally got my first cheque and guess what? It is from the e-commerce giant for the book sales of my second book
Blogging for Gold
. Although I have made some money from Google AdSense and by self-publishing my first book
, the amount was not large enough for the first credit to be made directly into my account. YouTube and Facebook monetisation is still far off for me, as I have to make a minimum number of subscribers before I can get paid even one dollar.

But yes, January 2019 will be a landmark in my blogging journey as it is this day that I got my first active income directly through my blogging activity fully paid through the internet for my blogging efforts. I am a happy man today. There is still a long way to go but it is an important day for me as it shows my blogging has now truly become professional. No fun and games any more, this is serious business from here on.

So, here are two thumbs up to my second book Blogging For Gold that is selling like hotcakes and has had dozens of great reviews from book bloggers, book lovers and book buyers across the globe.

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