My Ebook is Complete, Now What?

Well, you think you have done all the hard work. You have finally managed to finish that ebook with the cover, titles, index, spelling and grammar checks, photographs, alignments and formats. You have even created your PDF and EPUB files. Your book is 150 plus pages and looks fab with an exotic cover with all author details and precise details on what the book is all about. You have your logo and photographs on the flaps with your blog URL and other details. Now what? Now what? Well, let me tell you. You have just done the easy part. There is a lot of hard work to be done if you need to get your book on both the internet and brick and mortar bookstores.

Pricing Your Ebook

You need to put a price on your ebook. Keep it under $5 as a rule. You can sell the paperback and hardback version for more, maybe Rs 350 to 600.  Make sure you have a complete page on author centre. Here, you will provide details about the book and give video and blog links. You can also put your customer reviews. Author central page is a must. Make sure you have a look inside. The customer can click and read a few chapters of your book. It is like excerpts of your book and sneak previews. Google Play also has this and so does Google Books. They give you a chance to read a few chapters before they make a purchase.

Placement of Your Ebook

Virtual Book Stores

Look at the big platforms – Amazon Kindle, Google Play and Apple iBooks. Then you have the sales platforms like Smashwords, Lulu, Blurb and Selz. These are digital platforms, most of them are free and share the revenue with the author as much as 70% for and kindle. Some platforms charge a monthly fee to use their platform and sales analytics data. Make sure you are on most of these platforms. You need to register as a seller and must have a GST number and related PAN ID and account details. Make sure your brand and company are registered and you have taken all the trademark and completed all company formalities. You will need to give proof of that when you register as a seller.

Physical Bookstores

Here, an ISBN number is very important. Make sure you have this number. It can be applied free of cost. This is the identification number of your book title and the author. You need it if you are selling through Ingram and Barnes & Noble. These, in turn, will sell your books to physical brick and mortar stores.


Once your placement is complete, you need to do a PR exercise. You can use PR distribution sites like LiveWire and With a nominal fee of Rs 4500 or so, you can have your book PR release distributed to more than 500 plus media outlets. The brands they cover are listed and a complete edited PR release will be sent promoting your ebook. Do this activity yourself directly.

Promotional Video

Make a one-minute promotional video talking about your book, its price and highlights. In the new iPhone XS, there is an application called Clips. You can make selfie videos with interesting backgrounds and scenes to talk about your ebook. You can also add images, sounds, emojis and pictures to further enhance your video. This, you can upload directly on Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp. Promote it heavily through Instagram Stories. They are a big hit these days and you will get good coverage.

Paid Reviews

Paid reviews can be obtained from writers to book lover blogs like BookGeek. If you are an Indian blogger, look at Indian book lover blogs to ask for reviews. There is a list of top 60 book lover blogs on the net. Write to them and send them your ebook to review. Typically, they respond in 6 weeks or so. You might have to pay them a fee of Rs 3000 or so depending on the pages of your book and the category the book blogs cover. Use book review platforms like For less than $300, they will do a professional book review for you and put it on their sites as well as other sites.

Customer Reviews

Ask friends and colleges to do an ebook review and follow it up with them. You need to push and ask for reviews one by one personally; otherwise, it will not get done. Give out free ebooks in return for reviews. Ideally, 200-word reviews are enough.


Promote and sell your books at blogger events and talks that you can give at schools and colleges. Do bookstore events, sign and give away copies. These you can arrange with the bookshop owners.

Direct Sales

Target bookstores and cafes in your area and sell your books directly to them. Also, look at local libraries and give them a few books on a returnable basis.

Internet Advertising

Use Facebook ads to promote links of your ebook and execute sales. Do the same for your promotional videos. Keep a separate budget for this, say $100. Also, do some Google ads. Get on to platforms like Goodreads and promote your book there. Also, talk and engage with prospective readers on Goodreads. Use your MailChimp database to bundle two at the price of one offers to your follower base.

Completing your ebook is easy but actually selling it can be one hell of a task. You will be giving away 50% of the books for free. Only then will you actually manage to sell. But, if you are passionate, you should get some success. Just keep at it and be persistent. Hustle with your customers and drive in the sale.

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