Mumbai City’s RoboCop - A Tribute to Himanshu Roy

It was heartbreaking for me to hear about the sad and tragic suicide of the real Robocop of Mumbai, Himanshu Roy. A man no less than Bhishma Pitama of Mumbai police, this man was instrumental in catching Chhota Rajan, the most feared underworld don. Not only did Himanshu catch Chhota Rajan, he also got Rajan convicted for life. He was the one who first busted the IPL betting scam and rounded up a lot of people including Vindu Dara Singh. A man of a broad and commanding presence and a splendid moustache, he was feared by criminals and crime itself.

Himanshu was an IPS officer of the 1988 batch and was in love with his job and duty. He had an astute sense of crime and understanding of criminal psychology. I met him for the first time after my father had been murdered when I was back to Mumbai from Chiplun. We were taken to the head office of Mumbai police at the town centre. I had a cop holding me by the hand all the while. We were driven there in a white police jeep. I remember asking the cop holding me, “Am I a suspect?”

I was zapped and totally dishevelled. I was not sure what had happened. I was also not sure if my dad was really murdered. In such a confused state, I was taken to his office. He sat me down on a chair and then interrogated me for half an hour. “We are your friends, don’t worry.” Then he went on to ask his routine questions while taking notes in his diary. He asked about my background and where I was all this while. He was authoritative like a principle of a college and instantly he commanded my respects.

He looked like a man who knew his beat. While the other senior officers who interviewed me looked puzzled and suspicious, it was Mr. Roy who first came out and gave me a clean chit. This was during the media conference held after I had been interrogated. He explained the entire background of the story after giving me a clean chit. He added his intuitive power and knowledge of the crime. “I am extrapolating, I fear the criminals would have done away and killed Anuj too.” This was a killer insight which only a man of great wisdom and knowledge of his job can give.

A month later, my suicide note was discovered from the locker of the killers. His intuition was bang on! Truly a Robocop if any! It is truly sad to hear that he had shot himself in the mouth and busted his brains out at the age of only 53 years leaving a wife behind. My heart goes out in prayer for this man and his beloved family. I pray for the soul of this beautiful man. A life celebrated for its achievements, he did get his share of media acclaim and was a celebrity cop in his own right.

Why did it have to end in his surrender? Two years of battling cancer took a toll on his health. When the pain became unbearable, he did the unthinkable and shot himself. I can understand his feeling and his anguish. I have been in this hell a few times and it’s not a very pleasant feeling. In the end, he was too good for us and our society. We take men like Mr. Roy for granted. These people are a treasure and should be honoured forever. I say give this man a Bharat Ratna for the work he has done and the way he cleaned up crime in Mumbai, a real son of the soil.

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