Motivating the Motivator - Raju Srivastava with My Book Survival

I had a great meeting today. I was invited by Raju Ji, the greatest stand-up act in Indian History, the Baap of stand-up comedy, to his house. It was a great honour when I presented to him my first book
, which is about motivation. The book Survival was given to a man who himself has motivated so many and inspired so many by his comedy on stage.

We sat down for hours discussing stories from my travels as I discussed blogging with him and told him about the importance of travel. He, being a known figure, cannot travel with as much ease as I can, as he gets recognised everywhere and people crowd around him. “You know, it is not so easy for me to travel the world and especially in India as people keep pestering me for photographs when they spot me. Once I went to the Kumbh ka Mela with false teeth and a getup. I managed to travel all around the Kumbh undetected. Then I went into a tent and started chatting with an aghodi who was smoking a bidi. He quickly stubbed the bidi on his d*** and the embers kept boring but he did not feel any sensation on his penis and kept chatting away.” I was ecstatic when I heard about the powers of this aghodi from Raju Ji. “Yes, the aghodi felt no pain even when his penis was being burnt by the bidi and then suddenly, a woman walked in with her family and recognised me. She yelled ‘arrey, that is Raju Srivastava. Sir, one photo please, you are my favourite comedian.” That was it. Raju was exposed and he had to give in to his true identity.

I am happy that the great man looked at my book and was happy when he gave it a positive review.

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