You Can Blog Because Your Dad Was Rich

Well, I get this statement thrown at me by many people who know me from time to time. At first, I felt that it was an insult someone was hurling at me. I mean, no one gave credit to me for my creativity, my passion for blogging and my true motivations to get started with it. No one gives a shit about my real motivation. People just bark at me that I can do this esoteric thing that is not so mainstream because my dad was rich and he left me tons of money when he died.

Yes, blogging is not like a 9-to-5 job or like any mainstreamed profession like a doctor or a software professional. It is a tool for the creative mind and the free-spirited nomadic spirit. A certain type of people get attracted to blogging and take up this uncertain yet fascinating journey. However, as far as I am concerned, no one cares about all that. They think I have the money and therefore, it gives me the luxury to blog. If I was poor, I could have never taken up this profession because my profits would be to make a living and to survive. People think it is a luxury that a person like me can afford and I find that thought offensive. If you are poor, you cannot blog.

Well, this statement might be true as, like others, my priorities are different. I do things for the sake of passion and to leave my own identity behind. That is why I chose blogging. It just so happens that my dad left me money. However, I deserve credit for my passion, my persistence, my creativity and the ability to learn and gain knowledge. I feel I have many charitable motives like to give to society and to teach others the path of joy and happiness, which also keeps me going. Of course, being financially sound is critical and no money problem helps you to focus hard on the real goals of developing your content strategy and readership base.

Until I make my blog financially viable and show that to others, I would not consider myself as a success as financial success is also part of the total success in this field.

Therefore, people, next time, please do not envy me. I know it is great to be able to do what you love and I am fortunate to be able to do that. However, do give my drive and handwork some credit. I know I deserve it as this is my third year of blogging and I have gone through a lot of rough and tumble.

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