Why Should You Meditate? by Mandakini Kwatra

Meditation is the ultimate solution! But the solution to what? To stress, anger, frustration, misery and such other ‘so-called’ diseases. And who brings these to us? Ourselves. Yes, it is we who inflict these diseases on ourselves. It is our mind’s pattern to create such sadness around and make our lives more miserable. And it is this pattern that needs to be changed to experience that luxurious feeling of bliss and happiness. We need to RELAX!

So, what is obvious is that we are looking for happiness, relaxation, peace and bliss. But, the reality is that we are living in hell, misery, sadness etc. that comes from various diseases like expectations, greed, non-acceptance, anger and unhealthy relationships. Definitely, everyone is making efforts and trying to be happy. But, in this process, something is going wrong because the result of all our efforts is not happiness. What are we doing incorrectly? The approach is completely wrong. We don’t have to look for happiness. Simply removing the sadness and its causes are enough. Once the veil of misery is removed, you will find that bliss already exists, within, not somewhere outside in material possessions or other fellow beings. You will discover an ocean of compassion, love, peace, relaxation, bliss only when you go beyond these mind-diseases. So now we know the reason for our unhappiness and what we need to do to get rid of this unhappiness and enter into a realm of bliss. But how to achieve this? Since the list of these diseases is long, I would suggest that you go through the websites School of Life and Hello Spirituality. Read the articles and check out the videos on these websites. The solutions are already mentioned and in great length.

Next, we need to understand what meditation is. Meditation is not any activity or method. To put it simply, it is “sitting silently, doing nothing”. It is not some technique but it has become a way of life. However, to reach a meditativeness state, techniques are required, both active and inactive. For the mind to be present and aware, all disturbances need to be removed, which is why active techniques are recommended for beginners. Do try some very short techniques that are already mentioned on the websites to catch a glimpse of the inner realm of peace and bliss.

The benefits of meditation are countless and cover a lot of dimensions. Besides the ones already mentioned like stress, anger, anxiety, frustration, lack of direction etc. it is also known to improve relationships, focus, willpower, awareness, wisdom and promote divergent thinking as well. For a spiritual seeker, there is no other path than meditation to satisfy the spiritual thirst. Needless to say, no harmful effects have been found for meditation, ever. By practising meditation on daily basis, one can easily attain peace of mind, bliss, stability, happiness and inner fulfilment which then results in the effective execution of all the tasks in life and attainment of work life balance.

It will, therefore, be correct to determine that a balanced life can be achieved only by practising meditation on a daily basis. Meditation helps in difficult times when practised in easy times. So never postpone it. The sooner you start, the better it is. Also, it is a myth and excuse that meditation is for old people. In fact, the right age should be 14-15 years. In later years, it becomes more and more difficult. So what are you waiting for? Start here and now! Good luck!

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