Why Belief Systems Only Create Differences

The human world and our societal structure are deeply run by the various belief systems embedded into a human being’s subconscious mind. Every country or society has their own traditions and belief systems which would look and sound strange to others. This difference in the point of view that gives the world its true natural colour is created by the diverse belief systems and viewpoints that we have. Belief can be a double-edged sword. It can give an individual a roadmap ahead, something that gives him inner courage and acts as his faith. Belief gives us these esoteric feeling and boons. But at the same time, we begin to cling to these beliefs which are nothing but a set of rules and guidelines based on their perceptions of truth. These then turn into rituals and further tie down into the quagmire of religion and the slope of spirituality. These are like rigid chains of values and morals that help us to distinguish between right and wrong as we make the many decisions of our life in which some of them will have a huge impact on our own journey and inner growth. Then beliefs become a ‘them and us’ situation where you take the other’s viewpoint or something which is challenging against your set beliefs. This translates into an enemy-like feeling of hostility between people of differing beliefs. These beliefs could be driven by a political or religious ideology or even a feeling of doing some greater good for fellow men and, in this way, serving existence itself. But it is still a belief…

My view is to throw out all beliefs, value and moral systems. Just empty yourself from ideology, politics, religion and media. Just rely on your own inner peace and judgement to guide you towards your greater good. Let your own inner conscious be your lighthouse which will make sure your ship reaches the shores. Walk your own inner path and respect the pathway of others. Each one of us walks on with our own dharma and our mind has given adequate justification for that. So drop all belief systems and empty your mind of junk and garbage. Just sink into the silence of the self and tap into your soul. It will never lie as it flows only for your greater bliss and happiness.

Separate belief systems only pit man against man in a clash of ideas on who is right and who is wrong. The reality is that neither is right or wrong. Beliefs just project their own realities. So drop belief and see everything like a play, a leela meant for your entertainment and built to keep you happy. Those are better goals to have in life. Religious crusades, world wars and war against terror – they are all man-made calamities which were crafted by the differences between belief systems and will forever remain till all belief systems are not destroyed along with their myths.

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