Who is a Social Media Influencer?

With social media becoming such a weapon, nobody had imagined its true potential and aura of influence. This tsunami has created a new brand of people called influencers. These are people who have become an expert in a particular field, an area of study or interest. They do it by repeatedly posting knowledgeable and useful content on their particular niche area to their followers on social media through the net. They increase their knowledge in one particular area so much so that people come to them for sensible advice and take their view seriously. These people become influencers.

Influencers are people who can influence others to buy a particular brand or products. In short, they should be able to impact a sale and make the conversion. The greater the influence between them and the followers, the closer the bond and the circle of trust, the more the conversions or sales. So influencers add direct brand value by giving a positive testimony about a product and then giving it their seal of approval. It is always better if the influencer has tried and used the product he or she is endorsing so that it looks genuine and has maximum impact.

So through years of blogging and content posting on a peptic niche, these guys have become credible to their followers who will then buy products and services the influencer endorses or approves. There are four kinds of influencers today.

Celebrity Influencers

These are actors or TV stars who are celebrities and appear in the news or media regularly due to their profession. Many times, they convey their personality through social media and the net to become influencers. Thus, they already have a fan base and it is easy for them to endorse products and influence views of people.

Bloggers and Content Creators

These guys are serious bloggers who study hard on their subjects until they have an authority. They also churn out content-rich post after post to create influence and drive sales for brands they endorse. They are good writers and use storytelling as a way to put their point across. These guys are true influencers and can also get mileage by doing guest posts for other famous blogs.

Industry Experts and Thought Leaders

These gain influence because of their qualification, position or knowledge on a given topic. A lot of them get respect because of the company they work for. These include journalists, industry experts, thought leaders and academicians. A lot of bloggers and content creators have to work with these thought leaders to build engaging and credible content.

Micro Influencers

They are normal day-to-day people who have got some following due to their knowledge in a field. These are the band of influencers that are growing fast and are really helping to sell brands. These are the common folks who have decided that they can make an extra buck if they just concentrated on blogging and increasing their followers.

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