What Truly is Transformation?

We have heard a lot of this word Transformation – in spirituality, science and religion. So what is truly a transformation? In a nutshell, it is the redirection of everything from a negative form to a positive form. When you channel your energies and efforts into building something positive from something negative – that truly is transformation. It is the redirection of energies to create a new form and rebuild through a new vision that brings about change and transformation. As the Buddhist say, the exercise is like a lotus growing in a pond of dirt. You have to be the lotus and rise above the dirt, at the same time, the roots are firmly embedded in the dirt. But like the lotus, the positive energies build something really beautiful and the lotus rises high above the water of the pond. It is a manifestation that is gradual and slow but built on a strong vision and foundation.

Mystics were experts in the art of transformation. Buddha, OSHO and Vivekananda were pioneers in channelling people’s efforts and energies to rebuild their lives and then also the life of others around them. OSHO built an entire commune in the rock barren and arid land of Oregon and he did the same while building his OSHO ashram in Pune. The ashram was built on top of a rubbish dump and now it encompasses only the most beautiful gardens in Pune. Transformation can be a physical one or a spiritual one that takes you to a truly new dimension in life. You begin to see life and unravel its mysteries through a totally different perspective and prism.

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